The Beauty of Fall


A few days ago one of the authors I follow (Sam Cheever) asked the question: “What do you like about fall?” Since it was a contest offering, if I remember correctly, a decent gc to the book store I use the most, I answered the challenge.

After I finished writing, it was like, hey this is beautiful. This came out of me? Wow! I should share this with y’all. So here it is . . .

Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons. Why? The color. In spring color is fresh and new. In the fall, it is bright and multi-hued. Beautiful.

Now that being said, I think Fall edges out Spring for me. Although Spring heralds the new beginning, Fall brings the bounty of the harvest. All the wonderful fresh produce. The odors are amazing. Enough to have the mouth watering. Yum! Working a whole food type diet is so much easier in the fall. The abundance is awesome. 

As if that isn’t enough reason to love Fall, there is my favorite holiday – Halloween. So much fun!

Maybe my love of Fall is this last big party before the hibernation of winter mixed with the fresh, crisp air relieving the hot humidity of Summer. Whatever the reason, Fall is my favorite season.

A few days later I got the following response:What beautiful sentiments! I agree on both counts. Spring is the magic of rebirth, things going from dull brown to vibrant green. And Fall is a dying of sorts, but it looks and feels like a celebration. Such a natural dichotomy. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. I enjoyed them very much!”

 I loved that answer too. It gave me the push I needed, not to mention the validation, to get a move on and actually share it.

Thank you Sam Cheever for asking and inspiring me.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! That is really lovely and Fall is my favorite too. I always feel more energetic and positive in the Fall. And the FOOD!

  2. This was so beautiful. Oh, what a way to start my morning by reading this! Absolutely wonderful.

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