Another book review!

I know, a review! *gasp* But well, I loved this series and want to immortalize it!

Elite Elements: Seven-Novel Cohesive Military Boxed Set by Jennifer Kacey, Heather Long, Sabrina York, Anna Alexander, Rebecca Royce, Aranna DeWylde, Virginia Nelson

elite-elements-cover(Isn’t this a pretty cover?)

I have been looking forward to this book seems like forever. There is some unfinished business. It is finally here!

I have had the opportunity to read a couple of the stories in ARC form.

Cesium’s Capture by Sabrina York – I don’t know how she does it, but Sabrina York does any story well. This was no exception. Lovely characters, good action, wonderful ending. Good job!

Vibranium’s Truth by Anna Alexander – Also loved this one. A little on the darker side with the characters, but they were so made for each other. Not sure about the ending yet. I am hoping that thread will be tied up with the rest of the book.

Because, yes, these were more like teasers to read the entire boxed set! It is definitely “cohesive.” I think even more so than the first two sets. But that is what I have so admired about this series. So many authors writing one continuous saga. Well done ladies!

I need to go read the rest of this now that I see it in my reader. I will get back to you.

(A few days later . . .)

I have now read the ENTIRE book. I do recommend that you read it that way. As an entire book – from cover to cover. It is most definitely the most “cohesive” of the Elite Warrior series. The various characters from all of the books are in and out of each of the stories. These ladies did an amazing job of bringing us an amazing story.

Since the characters of all the books are here, and reference is made to previous events, you may want to read Elite Metal and Elite Ghosts too. You will miss so much if you don’t. This entire series was awesome! Thank you ladies for a wonderful experience. So . . . will there be more?



As I was reading Elite Elements, I was inspired to write the following which I chose not to include in my “official” review, but I will include here.

These warriors are the lost, the broken, the forgotten. They come from nowhere, have no one, have nothing. They have no life outside of the mission. They have lived this way for so long that they have no hope of anything else. They are what they are, have accepted their lot in life, and have no expectations of anything more. They are the mission.

These are the Elite Warriors. The Elite Elements group of warriors go beyond the Metal, beyond the Ghost. They have been the long game. They have been imbedded so deeply into the game they no longer know who they were. They are the mission.

Then there are the fallen angels that find them. They too are often lost, broken and forgotten. Often coming from nowhere, no one, and with nothing. They too have missions that leave them with little hope of life. They really don’t expect to live long, but before they go . . . They are the mission.

It almost breaks my heart to read these characters. Often presented in the darkest light, killers, arms dealers, flesh peddlers, the very dregs of society. They had a mission that needed completed. Get to Red Wolf and take him out.

Having them all find hope and life! What a beautiful way to get beyond the mission.


When I first reviewed Elite Metal I talked about The Avengers  because I had a sound track that played in my head – Holding Out for a Hero.  I have to tell you, it is still there. Even in their darkest moments, I found the Elite Warriors to be heroes. This book even had a “superman”. LOVE. IT.

So you valiant few who follow my meager blog, I so recommend that you read this entire series – in its entirety. It is AWESOME!

Do You Want Exclusive Free Reads?

Who loves Cowboys?

I think I have mentioned Sabrina York here before. She writes some amazing stories from Contemporary Romance to Highland Hotties. The ladies are always sassy, (read snarky) the guys are always HOT, and there is usually bacon involved somewhere.

This week there is a collection of “first in series” Cowboy stories coming out that includes Sabrina’s story, The Real McCoy. The Real McCoy also appeared in one of Delilah Devlin’s  Collections and as a stand alone story, so you may have already read it too.

However, there are seventeen other others with stories in the First Ride Cowboy Collection. Some I have read, more that I haven’t. There is even a story that is on my “need to read” list that I haven’t gotten to yet. So, this collection is definitely on my MUST BUY list. Why? Because of above mentioned ‘need to read’ for one. How about a ninety nine cent  ($0.99) price? Huge reason there. I mean really, 18 stories for a buck! That is a total steal even if I find only the one story that I haven’t read that I have wanted to. But I really believe I will like all the stories.

I mention Sabrina York specifically because for the past couple of weeks she has been showcasing a different author from this collection every day over on her blog. Check it out.  You will also find a contest there you may want to look at. Sabrina likes giving away tiaras all the time. We all need a tiara, don’t we? I know this princess does! (Tell her Pansy Petal sent you.)

This collection is put out by They look like an interesting new thing with possibilities if you care to give them a look.

You may want to check this out and look for this collection later in the week. I believe it will be worth the buck, but you decide.

For another chance to win a tiara, check out This will tell you all bout the HOT cowboys one will find on the Double S Ranch. (I call it the Stud Ranch.) There are some totally hot cowboys there. I especially liked Cowboy to Command. *sigh*


Question of the Day

Why does 65 degrees Fahrenheit feel so much colder in the winter than in the summer? I mean really? In summer 65 just means a light blanket on the bed. I am good and sleeping quite comfortably. But last night I was up scrounging another blanket to add to the two quilts I already had. I was freezing. Let’s not mention that instead of the nice sleeveless, shorty night gown of summer, I was wearing a sleeved, floor length gown, a fleece bath robe, socks and fingerless gloves. By the way, I was up getting the extra blanket after I had warmed the sheets with my blow dryer before crawling in. That worked for a bit, but I was soon unable to stay warm. Hence the extra blanket.


Granted it is like single digits outside and that fluffy white stuff is blowing around, but my furnace does work. To save money I do keep it set at the lower, recommended 68 degrees. However, I have noticed that when that white stuff is blowing around and the temp dips below freezing that my indoor temp hovers at the 65 degree range. That should still only require a sweater, right? One would think anyway. But no! Here I sit with my fingerless gloves, wrapped up like it is much colder – like in the forties maybe – while typing this.


So does anyone have an answer – other than it is cold outside – why 65 degrees feels arctic in winter but comfortable in summer? Inquiring minds want to know!

Hold on to your hats – another post!

I know! Two in one day! The sky is falling! Oh wait – is that snow? 😉

But another favorite author has a new book coming out. I am loving the fact that after thirteen books and a conclusion to the series, here comes a prequel! Too funny. But it sounds interesting so I am looking forward to reading it too.

And such a pretty cover:


Well mostly. But really! Who can resist a book about how the Hollows began? Not me. Coming soon to a book seller near you!



Sabrina York has a new book coming out!

I don’t do this very often – well okay – hardly ever. But things can change don’t ya know. Not saying that I will get in the habit or anything, but it may give me incentive to actually use this site more often than I do. Who knows, it may lead to something, or not. Time will tell.

I am a HUGE fan of Sabrina York. Have been following her since the first book. If one reads the acknowledgements and dedications on books, you may have seen my name there a time or more. I am hugely honored to be on her “list.” It only seems fitting that I attempt to do more in getting the word out about her books. What else does one do with a blog – especially if one is a huge reader and fan of authors?

Anyway, I am so excited that she has a book coming out with James Patterson! Huge! I mean, even if like me you haven’t read any of his books, we have all heard of him. And who would expect him to help promote romance authors? Totally exciting.  So, here is a plea form Sabrina to check out her site and this wonderful new book. Sounds like another winner to me! Not to mention, she likes to give away Tiaras and there is a contest on her page. Be sure and tell her Pansy Petal aka Becky Parsons sent you. Even if you don’t mention me, you really need to check it out.

Coming March 7th!
Only a Scot can steal her heart.
There’s nothing ladylike about Katherine Killin. She’s a spitfire who cannot be tamed. To rid himself of her, and to honor a truce set by the Duke of Glencoe, her father agrees to wed her to his clan’s mortal enemy, Ben Rannoch. But when Katherine meets the enticingly masculine Kurt Rannoch, brother of her betrothed, she suddenly craves domination.
BookShots Flames
Original romances presented by JAMES PATTERSON
Novels you can devour in a few hours Impossible to stop reading
Read an excerpt and enter Sabrina’s Tiara Giveaway here:

The official website of award winning romance writer, Sabrina York


Pets In Space Authors’ Interview

Remember that blog about this fun anthology coming out that I reblogged last week? Here is some more. I am so looking forward to this book!

Whiskey With My Book

img_0024 Ozzie

When an animal has a feature role in a book, I am immediately drawn to that book. My life is enhanced by cats (many cats), two of which are pictured here. I have also had the joy of several dogs/walking buddies in the past. So this Pets in Space anthology is something I can’t help but be enthusiastic about. Plus, Pets in Space is promoting a very good charity.  Needless to say, Pets in Space is on my TBR list!  (If you agree, you will find pre-order links at the end of this article.)

img_0065 Maddie

So, I am thinking…..the authors of the Pets in Space anthology must have similar feelings about the animals in their life and in fiction. I could be wrong. But I don’t think so. Just to make sure though – I could not pass up the opportunity to find out. So here it is. Pets…

View original post 2,857 more words

Another Peek at Pets in Space

I don’t do this often – like only once or twice – but this just looked like too much fun not to pass along. I mean really – PETS IN SPACE! I am just geek enough to totally love this.

Whiskey With My Book


Pets in Space is coming soon.  With a release date of 10/11, the excitement is rising!  Here is a new trailer to pique your interest:

I love the little Astro-Pup!

But maybe you are not a video person. Are you one of those people who prefer the written word? Perhaps you would be interested in this free first chapter sampler of the Pets in Space anthology:

Instafreebie – Pets in Space

Next week, I’ll have an interview with Pets in Space authors. I hope you will come back and check it out!


About Pets in Space

Even an alien needs a pet…

Join the adventure as nine pet loving sci-fi romance authors take you out of this world and pull you into their action-packed stories filled with suspense, laughter, and romance. The alien pets have an agenda that will capture the hearts of those they touch. Follow along as…

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The Beauty of Fall


A few days ago one of the authors I follow (Sam Cheever) asked the question: “What do you like about fall?” Since it was a contest offering, if I remember correctly, a decent gc to the book store I use the most, I answered the challenge.

After I finished writing, it was like, hey this is beautiful. This came out of me? Wow! I should share this with y’all. So here it is . . .

Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons. Why? The color. In spring color is fresh and new. In the fall, it is bright and multi-hued. Beautiful.

Now that being said, I think Fall edges out Spring for me. Although Spring heralds the new beginning, Fall brings the bounty of the harvest. All the wonderful fresh produce. The odors are amazing. Enough to have the mouth watering. Yum! Working a whole food type diet is so much easier in the fall. The abundance is awesome. 

As if that isn’t enough reason to love Fall, there is my favorite holiday – Halloween. So much fun!

Maybe my love of Fall is this last big party before the hibernation of winter mixed with the fresh, crisp air relieving the hot humidity of Summer. Whatever the reason, Fall is my favorite season.

A few days later I got the following response:What beautiful sentiments! I agree on both counts. Spring is the magic of rebirth, things going from dull brown to vibrant green. And Fall is a dying of sorts, but it looks and feels like a celebration. Such a natural dichotomy. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. I enjoyed them very much!”

 I loved that answer too. It gave me the push I needed, not to mention the validation, to get a move on and actually share it.

Thank you Sam Cheever for asking and inspiring me.

Color tour

From the Crochet Hook

One of the things I wanted to do this year was share some of my crafting goodies.  Why do I procrastinate so much?  Question for another time I think.

So what do you think?


Mr. and Mrs. Snowman with Junior and Sissy.  Aren’t they cute?  I had fun making them.  I actually liked them so well, they sat here on my table until just a couple of weeks ago.  Decided that since it was the first of May I really needed to put them away.



There is also this group of winter friends.  A penguin, a polar bear, and a red-nosed reindeer.  The antlers are up in the shadows.  I am not known for quality photography.



The beginning of the stuffed toy phase began with these cute Halloween creatures.  The corn candy is my favorite.  It was fun to make and is so cute.  The mummy had all those wraps but turned out okay. Frankenstein was kind of fun too.


When I got these kits, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with them, but they looked like they would be fun to play with.  They were.  Now the questions is, do I want to keep them, sell them, or give them away?

Selling them would help the pocket book.  But then I have the issue of how would I send them?  I don’t drive.  I don’t have a car.  How do I get to the post office?  OR do I want to spend the extra $15.00 to have UPS come and pick them up.  Could I really add that much extra to the cost to make that a viable option?

See why I haven’t started selling my goodies?  So many questions and issues.  It is frustrating as well as a good excuse for procrastination.  Will work on that.

But, I have now put them out into the world.   Tell me what you think.