Meeting Serina Bown

A friend loaned me a couple of audio books recently and asked me to give them a listen. Since I have been finding great joy in listening to audio books while crafting these days, it was not a hardship for me. As these stories unwound for me, I became more and more excited. This was a fantastic author that was taking some touchy issues, introducing them in an entertaining way, and maybe educating us readers at the same time. Wonderful.

These books came to me at a time when I had resorted to my tried and true stories because it seemed everything currently coming to my attention just was not grabbing me. It was getting boring. The same ol’ same ol’. It was so refreshing to find something new.

When I was discussing reviews and where to post them with my friend, she asked if I posted reviews on my blog. Interesting question. The title of my blog is “Babbling Brook” and when I blog it is about whatever may be taking my fancy at the moment that I feel the need to share. So, yes. I have posted reviews, when I find a book or series that totally grabs me and I just want to shoot about them to the world. (Not that world reads my blog, but we are supposed to think big. Right?)

The audio books loaned to me fill that requirement. They grabbed me. They interested me. I feel the need to share this amazing author and her inspiring stories.

Here are the reviews I published on the two audio books I listened to this weekend.

Coming in from the cold - cover

Coming in From the Cold (Gravity 1) by Sarina Bowen                   4 stars

Narrated by Joe Arden and Maxine Mitchell                                   3 stars

This is a new to me author. The audio book was loaned to me by a friend although I found that the ebook has been languishing in my tbr pile for over a year. *sigh* Way past time to move it off that list. I must say, the author in now on my stalk er, follow list.

The story was awesome. I had a few misgivings in the beginning when everyone ended up in snowbanks, then in the back seat. “Another sex novel with no story.” Thankfully I was proved wrong. There was story. A good story even.

I found interesting characters with depth and dimension, not to mention real life problems. Problems that I could identify with. Bills. A broken relationship. Goals that look impossible to achieve. Illness that no one understands. It was all here. Oh yes! I forgot the chickens. Cannot forget them. This story was, after all, their fault. But, despite all of that, boy meets girl. They fall in love and end up with a satisfying “happy ever after.” The rollercoaster ride on the way to that “happy ever after” was enjoyable. Well worth the time.


Falling from the Sky - cover

Falling from the Sky (Gravity 2) by Sarina Bowen               5 stars

Narrated by Tanya Eby and Aiden Snow                              5 stars

I discovered audio books a few years ago when a friend loaned me some. Since then I have become a huge fan. I can do so much while listening to a book. The best of both worlds as far as I am concerned. There are some that are better than others. These two narrators made this story a total pleasure to listen to. Ladies, when Mr. Aiden started reading, *fanning self* well . . . I don’t remember what he read at first but it really didn’t matter. It was HOT! *sigh* Ms. Eby read well too. So, I highly recommend the audio format of this story.

As for the story, it was as fantastic. A bit of an unusual romance, but very satisfying. Romance in a wheelchair. A real-world problem. This author does an amazing job taking something with the potential of being a real downer and turning it into a fun and interesting romance novel.

She didn’t pull any punches either. We lived the depression with Hazardous. We were party to a couple of discussions on erectile dysfunction. We were introduced to a few issues wheelchair bound people must deal with daily.

Not to leave Callie, the heroine, out. Heartbreak and the insecurities that resulted from it. Worry about her job and how she is going to pay the HUGE student loans she has.

Real people with real problems that manage to meet, fall in love and find that elusive “happy-ever-after.” Ms. Bowen does an inspiring job.  An amazing story no matter what format you get it in.


So, if you find yourself with a few minutes and want a couple of good reads – or listens – I highly recommend that you find these books and give them a look. I need to get a hold of a copy of the next book –  Shooting for the Stars. I am happy to add Sarina Bowen to my list of authors I love. Thank you, Bronwyn, for introducing me!


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