Response to Rocks and Baby Steps Part Two

My previous post was all about rocks as per Caris’ question in her blog – In her blog, Caris also discussed baby steps. That is something I have been working on for some time now.

Part of my personality involves finishing a project once I start it, all at once. I am a champion marathoner. I don’t mean running. I mean anything, from start to finish. I decide to make a new wardrobe, I cut everything out at once. Often takes hours. Then I sit down and sew it all. More hours, maybe even days with breaks only to eat and/or sleep. A marathon of sewing. Time to clean the house, the whole thing gets done at the same time. And of course there is the Netflix marathon which feeds into my knitting/crochet marathons.

This isn’t all bad. Once I start something it usually get finished. However, I am getting older. The body just plain does not want to do what it has always done. I know if I were to go to a doctor he would probably want to start cutting and replacing parts. I am so not into all that. So something had to be modified.

I am learning all about “Baby Steps.” It is okay to cut only one pattern today, maybe even just part of it, come back tomorrow, sew half of it, and the rest the next day if needed. I do not have to push through until finished in one sitting.

It is okay to clean only one room per day. I don’t need to kill myself trying to clean seven rooms in one session. And even then, it is okay to dust, take a break, sweep/vacuum, take a break, mop if needed, take a break – you get the idea.

I really don’t need to watch the entire season on Netflix before bed. It will still be there tomorrow. And the project I am knitting/crocheting, my hands would benefit from a break. They may not cramp up so bad with more frequent breaks.

This is actually a rather difficult concept for me to implement. The body is helping because it complains terribly if I overdo these days. I have had to learn to accept that I don’t have to finish something right now. I can do a little bit and come back. It will get done and I will not overstress my body.

But the mind rebels. It wants the task finished. It’s the reprogramming of the mind that has been so hard. I think I am finally accepting it. It is not near as stressful as it used to be not to finish a task right now. That is saying a lot for me.

Learning this lesson has been pivotal in making my impending move the easiest one yet. (I know, I blogged about The Last Great Move a couple of years ago, but well, stuff happens and this is just a little move. Another blog maybe.) I didn’t have to pack an entire room all at once. I packed maybe one box per hour and took at least an hour break. I usually have maybe four to six boxes done in a day. Seems like it will take forever, but I am amazed that it is actually going quite well.

It helps that I have a very good friend who comes over every day and takes the packed boxes to the new place. Leaves me some place to continue stacking packed boxes. In less than a week I have the dining room done, most of the living room, (includes three bookcases of books) and some of my bedroom packed. The kitchen is the project for the next few days. Next week will be upstairs – the craft stash. Then I will be about ready for the furniture to go. Got several strong, young men lined up for that task.

It takes a bit more planning sometimes, but this baby steps thing isn’t too bad.

Now I will just have to remember that when I get all moved. All those boxes stacked hither and yon. I don’t like disorganization either. I will be in a rush to get things put away. I will just have to remind myself that I can survive for a bit with unpacked boxes and I do not have to unpack them all at once. It’s a good thing that I can unpack at my leisure. It is okay for me to take my time. It will get done.

I need to make that my mantra for a while. Baby steps. It will get done.


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