Reading others blogs and such, I learned that today is the first day of spring. Since I don’t pay much attention to the calendar these days, I was rather surprised. For one, seems we just had the first day of fall. What happened to winter?

Well yes, I knew it was winter too. We did have some of that fluffy white stuff put in an appearance. Not much, but some. Just last week in fact. The last of it disappeared just yesterday. And it got cold. Not as cold as I know it can here in the wonderful state of Michigan, but cold enough that I fretted about being able to pay my heating bill.

But Spring? Really? Already? Now that you mention it, I have spied some tulip leaves poking up out of the ground. I just thought that they were early and anxious to put in an appearance.

However, I just seen my first Robin of the season. Spring is here. Robins always indicate to me that spring is here. I thought I had heard one singing earlier in the day, but I wasn’t sure. Seeing that lovely red breasted bird, well now I know that yes, it was a Robin I heard singing. They aren’t really very melodic like some of the birds. They are more raucous.  But I find their call comforting. What can I say, I can be a bit weird.

Anyway, I have seen a Robin. Spring is officially here in spite of what the calendar might, or might not, say.

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  1. I didn’t realize it was the first day of Spring either until I heard it on the radio. I had seen some Robins bouncing around my neighbors yard last week. It made me stop and think, “Oh yeah. I forgot how small they start out.” Because let’s be honest. Robins are completely round porkers by the time fall comes. But you know what I’m not looking forward to? Goose poop. And yes, they are already showing up. Evil things with wings and unreasonably large turds…

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