Who loves Cowboys?

I think I have mentioned Sabrina York here before. She writes some amazing stories from Contemporary Romance to Highland Hotties. The ladies are always sassy, (read snarky) the guys are always HOT, and there is usually bacon involved somewhere.

This week there is a collection of “first in series” Cowboy stories coming out that includes Sabrina’s story, The Real McCoy. The Real McCoy also appeared in one of Delilah Devlin’s  Collections and as a stand alone story, so you may have already read it too.

However, there are seventeen other others with stories in the First Ride Cowboy Collection. Some I have read, more that I haven’t. There is even a story that is on my “need to read” list that I haven’t gotten to yet. So, this collection is definitely on my MUST BUY list. Why? Because of above mentioned ‘need to read’ for one. How about a ninety nine cent  ($0.99) price? Huge reason there. I mean really, 18 stories for a buck! That is a total steal even if I find only the one story that I haven’t read that I have wanted to. But I really believe I will like all the stories.

I mention Sabrina York specifically because for the past couple of weeks she has been showcasing a different author from this collection every day over on her blog. Check it out.  http://sabrinayork.com/blog-2/  You will also find a contest there you may want to look at. Sabrina likes giving away tiaras all the time. We all need a tiara, don’t we? I know this princess does! (Tell her Pansy Petal sent you.)

This collection is put out by https://romancerebelspublishing.com/2017/01/10/first-ride-cowboy/ They look like an interesting new thing with possibilities if you care to give them a look.

You may want to check this out and look for this collection later in the week. I believe it will be worth the buck, but you decide.

For another chance to win a tiara, check out http://sabrinayork.com/stripped-down-cowboys-giveaway/ This will tell you all bout the HOT cowboys one will find on the Double S Ranch. (I call it the Stud Ranch.) There are some totally hot cowboys there. I especially liked Cowboy to Command. *sigh*


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