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Why does 65 degrees Fahrenheit feel so much colder in the winter than in the summer? I mean really? In summer 65 just means a light blanket on the bed. I am good and sleeping quite comfortably. But last night I was up scrounging another blanket to add to the two quilts I already had. I was freezing. Let’s not mention that instead of the nice sleeveless, shorty night gown of summer, I was wearing a sleeved, floor length gown, a fleece bath robe, socks and fingerless gloves. By the way, I was up getting the extra blanket after I had warmed the sheets with my blow dryer before crawling in. That worked for a bit, but I was soon unable to stay warm. Hence the extra blanket.


Granted it is like single digits outside and that fluffy white stuff is blowing around, but my furnace does work. To save money I do keep it set at the lower, recommended 68 degrees. However, I have noticed that when that white stuff is blowing around and the temp dips below freezing that my indoor temp hovers at the 65 degree range. That should still only require a sweater, right? One would think anyway. But no! Here I sit with my fingerless gloves, wrapped up like it is much colder – like in the forties maybe – while typing this.


So does anyone have an answer – other than it is cold outside – why 65 degrees feels arctic in winter but comfortable in summer? Inquiring minds want to know!

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  1. Marie S from Northeast Tennessee.

    Good question Pansy. I would think it is the colder air & the wind chill. It Is funny In spring 65 feels like a tropical island Lol.

  2. Thank you Mary. I have discovered it was mostly the house I lived in. The wind blew through like I was outside. I have since moved and this house actually feels warmer . . . at the same temp. Go figure. Though I agree – spring time 65 is still warmer. 😀

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