Fulfilling Goals

One of my goals for this year – again – was to blog more often.  I am doing well with that.  It is March already and I haven’t posted yet.  Why is that?

I am a world class procrastinator.  I know this.  Something I am working on – with little success.  I mean really, there is no hurry.  I can do it later.  Right?  I keep forgetting that later doesn’t always get here.

I have no confidence in myself.  There has always been someone to shoot down whatever I tried to do.  I know the lesson about not always looking for approval from others, but it doesn’t always sink in or manifest when I need it most.  There is always that little voice – it often sounds like my mother – telling me I can’t do it.  I know better, but . . . Working on that one too.

Yes, I am a hot mess – most of the time.  A constant work in progress.  One would think that at my age (and we are not going to discuss what that is) I would have learned more or at least learned how to apply what I have learned.  But I appear to be an even bigger mess than I was a few years ago.

On the positive side, I do know this.  Knowing is half the battle.  The other half is figuring out how to fix or improve things, and then how to apply what I have figured out.  I am finding the application to be easier said than done for the above mentioned reasons.

But, I will keep plugging away.  Something is bound to stick some day!


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  1. FWIW, I think most of us are hot messes. It’s just that some days we manage it better than others. From where I’m sitting, it’s always a battle to ignore the voices that say we’re not good enough or that no one has any interest in hearing what we have to say. And motivation…that’s a pretty constant struggle, too – for I am Queen of the Procrastinators.

    But out of everything I’ve figured out about myself so far, the most important is that I’m happier and I feel better about all areas of my life when I’m writing – even on the days when the words are hard freaking won and I only manage 24 of the little bastards. I very much tend to be an all or nothing sort of person, and if I can’t do it all (be with the fam, have a clean house, workout, write, edit) I just won’t do any of it. Well, that’s not very helpful.

    So this is the year of baby steps. For the exercising front, I literally started with one minute of cardio a day. Went to two the next day. With writing, when I stall out, I tell myself I just need to get 100 words. That’s it. If I can get more? Awesome. So, I’m baby stepping my way into a workout and back into my writing routine that tanked with some seasonal affected depression and a crapton of freelance editing work. I don’t know if the baby steps will work for you, but they might be worth trying.

    And now that I’ve written a blog post on your blog post… o.O But, I have faith in you. You can do this. And some days will suck harder than others. But some days, if you let them, will be awesome. 🙂

    • Thank you so much for your kind words! Not to mention the validation. Waa Woo! Someone reads my blog! 😀

      Baby steps is also something I am working on. I have to. I can no longer do the marathon . . . anything. It is frustrating. So little chunks. It is okay not to finish the currant project tonight – whether it be a book or some craft project or even the sink full of dirty dishes. That has been an adjustment, but I am getting there, in spite of the procrastination. (If there is dish water in the sink, I needed to take a break. If not, I am procrastinating.) See baby steps. 😀

      As for writing – I never claimed to be a writer, though I have journaled off and on all my life. I know it helps when I do it, so why I don’t do it all the time? Now that is the question. That brings me back to goals and baby steps. Working on it.

      Again, thank you for the comment/blog. Loved it!

      • I get that. It’s so frustrating not to be able to power through things like I used to. And I’m so glad that you blogged! Baby steps for all! 🙂

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