The “LAST” great move

It has been quite a while since I have posted anything here on my blog.  Best intentions and all that. I think I may have even said something similar before.  But, life and best intentions don’t always jive.  In spite of that, I see that I am acquiring followers.  I have to thank you hardy souls for following a blog that hasn’t had a new post in months.  I appreciate your faith.  So, what do I have to share today?

Yes, I have moved, AGAIN.  I haven’t blogged long enough for that statement to make much sense to most of you.  Only family and close friends will know that I move often, about every three years has been my average for the last twenty years, and every once in a while it is further than across town.  I have a bit of the vagabond in me I guess.

Anyway, this move has taken me from Texas back to my home state of Michigan.  When I moved to Texas some three years ago I was looking forward to no cold and no snow.  In the big picture of things, that was kind of true.  Cold was usually no more than thirty degrees, and snow never lasted more than a day or so.  However, in exchange for those minor benefits there was no color or hills.  Everything was brown and flat.

Until I lived in Texas for a while and found myself missing it, I have also lived most of my life close to a major body of water.   Lake Michigan was always just a few minutes away.  Even when I lived on the west coast, I was minutes away from the ocean.  Northwest Texas is landlocked.  What Texans there call lakes are little more than puddles.  Dry took on a whole new meaning for me.

Then there is the heat.  OMG.  I spent all my time inside my climate controlled apartment because I could not deal with the heat from about April thru late September or later.  One can take off only so many clothes.  This was not the life for me.  I commend the hardy souls who like Texas.  I am not one of them and it was time to move again.

As with the move to Texas, “this is the last time I am moving.”  *grin*  We shall see how long that lasts.  But for now, I am quite pleased with my decision.  I gave much thought to where I wanted to move.  I adore the Pacific Northwest.  Those of you who follow me may have picked up on that somewhere.  But, cost of living is prohibitive for me at this time.  I thought about Kentucky.  A cousin lives there and I haven’t tried it there yet.  I have also made some on line friends in that neck of the woods.  But upon further rumination, I decided “coming home” was the better choice.

Only a brother and a sister remain of my immediate family and they are both sick.  I felt the need to spend time with them.  So calls were made, plans were outlined, boxes were packed, the truck was loaded, and here I am.  Back in the community where I was born.

For right now I am staying with my sister.  Now that is an experience and if I get around to it, I may even write about that.  But suffice it to say, I am enjoying myself here.  I don’t get much done, reading or writing, because of distraction.   This is the view I have next to where my computer is set up.

View from Kelly's poarch

Yes, that is a deck overlooking a lovely lake.  I get easily distracted by the ducks on the lake.  Or the fishermen.  Or watching the fish jump.  It is so relaxing and serene.  Who needs the escape of a book when one can gaze upon this all day long?

Needless to say, not much reading is getting done these days.  I will miss this view when my house is ready for me to move into the first of September.  Did I mention the move is still in progress?  But, I will still have a decent view from there.  There is a lovely old apple orchard across the road where some horses graze.  They are often joined my deer and other wild life.  I look forward to that for its own sake.  But I will visit my sister often for this view.  Thank goodness it is only a few blocks away.

For now, I need to go gaze some more.


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