Where is the OFF switch?

Going through the list of blogs I follow, I can across this http://smutbookclub.com/now-you-done-pissed-me-off-why-facebook-needs-to-change/  It had me shaking my head in wonder and disgust.  Not that I didn’t agree with her topic.  I did.  But because here I am, again, wondering why people believe they have the right to tell others what to think, look at, read, believe, etc, etc, etc.  

Long ago, when I was young, (yep I really was once) my mother was one of those people.  She was very vocal about what was on TV and she didn’t want “her kids exposed to such filth!” (That was back in the day of only two channels.  You should have heard her when the choices were so many more.) She was that judgmental about such things right up until the day she died.  What did I take away from this?  Good grief!  If you don’t want me to watch it, turn off the TV!  And I still believe that today and probably will until the day I die.  

When I come across something on any of the social medias that I don’t like, I “turn it off”.  There are filters for that.  Or hide buttons. Or even the master OFF switch.  For instance, I got really tired of being bombarded with commercials ALL the time.  I no longer watch TV – at all!  My choice!  Yes I could make a fuss.  I could go on Facebook and grouse about it.  But really, what good would it do?  I didn’t like it, I turned it off.  Simple.  (Cancelled my subscription to HULU plus for the same reason.  I was paying a fee, why was I getting commercials? Again, my choice.)    No one is getting hurt.  I am not spreading negativity all over.  I am not trying to force someone else to my way of thinking.  I just simply made it go away.  

Am I really the only one who thinks this way?  I can’t be or there wouldn’t be the filters.  I found them and I, by any stretch of the imagination, am not a techie type.  My daughter, who is a techie type, did not show me where to find the filters.  There were some subjects in books I found offensive, (If you know me, I know that may be hard to believe, but it is true!) but did I raise a rant on Amazon?  NO!  I found that little button, “why recommended” and indicated I was “not interested”.  I no longer see that subject matter on my lists.  On fb, I got really tired of seeing all the scores of all the games my many friends play.  Do you know there are actually filters against that?  There is.  I don’t see the scores anymore!  There are filters for a lot.  You just have to find them and use them.  People regularly post instructions for how to do much of this, but I don’t thing they are read very much.  It is much easier to just complain and cause trouble.  

So, here I am again, on my little blog, going on a rant.  Will it do any good?  Probably not.  But I feel better.  Hopefully, only those that may be interested in what I might have to say are reading this.  For those that don’t like it or disagree, TURN IT OFF!  


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