Happy New Year!

Can you believe it is already January 5, 2014 already?  Time does run away from us if we are not vigilant.  I have several wonderful ideas to blog about.  I come up with them in that twilight time when I am falling asleep.  They are wonderful ideas and I often compose much during this time.  Too bad that there isn’t something there to record those ideas as I fall asleep.  When I wake in the morning, they are often little more than dreams that I do not remember.  Sometimes I do remember, but I still do not write them down before I get on with my day and forget them.  I need to work on that.  I already have the note book and pen by the bed.   *shakes head* I just need to use them.    

One idea was my thoughts on all of the end of year “Best of” lists.  How subjective can something be?  I read several of these lists. Few had any of the same authors or titles on them.  If there was one or two, it was no where near the same place on another list. Many of the titles and/or authors I had neither heard of or read.  A few I had, but I was very surprised at how many I had not.  I always thought I was a voracious reader.  But these lists make me wonder.  Than a few of my friends posted how many books they read last year.  That also made me wonder.  Am I really little more than average?  Well, average in the group I have chosen to be a part of anyway.  And that brings me to the next subject that has floated in my mind the past few days.

Babylon 5!  I own this series on DVD.  It is a favorite, but I had not watched in a couple of year.  This past week I spent much time watching it.  I like to watch something while I am crafting.  This week I was cross stitching quilt blocks.  Both were enjoyable activities for me.  Anyway, my Babylon 5 marathon was very thought provoking for me this time around.  I picked up on just how many times the Universe was mentioned as an entity and/or deity.  This belief is something I have been looking into for sometime now.  I have found validity in the belief.  Putting something out to the Universe has actually worked for me.  So finding this concept buried in a Science Fiction program like Babylon 5 was surprising, and not surprising to me.  Surprising in that I actually made note of the references during this viewing.  Not surprising because this seems the perfect forum to promote such a belief for those astute enough to note it.  

Now you may be asking why I am combining these two very different sounding ideas in the same blog.  One of the things I put out into the Universe was how to make my love of reading work for me.  This has lead me to making friends with reviewers and writers and following many of their blogs.  Hence the look at the “Best of” lists and just how subjective they are.  

I read and watch what I like.  What makes my list, will not make your list.  My tastes are very eclectic!  Most of the reading lists I looked at were Erotic romance based.  However, Babylon 5 is Sci-Fi.  Two different genres, but I love both.  Yes I read Erotic Sci-Fi Romance and I watch Romance as well as action adventure.  (The Erotic video world leaves much to be desired, so I usually read my “porn” rather than watch it. But that is another blog topic for another time.)  Hence, “Best of” lists are very much the opinion of the writer of the list depending on their taste and what they have had time to read that year.  My question is, “How can we give much validity to these lists, then?”  

I actually found the lists a bit frustrating, just because I hadn’t read most of the titles on the lists.  Yes, I felt a bit intimidated because there was so many titles I hadn’t heard of, let along read.  But, also because there were many titles that sounded good and that I wanted to add to my tbr list.  (Ha!  Maybe is the answer to my question. To sell more books.) This is frustrating because that list is already nearing the four digit range in number of titles.  I just do not have the time to read as fast as I acquire more titles. FRUSTRATING! Especially when I do viewing marathons so I can work on my crafts.  I need to work on a schedule to do all of it, because here it is January 5, 2014 and I have yet to finish a book.  I currently have a couple of good ones going, I just need to finish them.  One that note, I am going to go read a book!

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