Sliding Into the Abyss

When I started this blog I had the vague idea that I would do some book reviewing.  I read so much, and I don’t like many of the reviews that are out there.  I mean really, there is a blurb, and often and excerpt, on the book.  Why do I want another persons’ take on what the book is about?  I want to know how the book held their interest. Did the book engage their imagination?  Bring them into the story and make them feel like part of it?  A few reviewers do this, but not many, without the rewriting of the blurb.  (My thoughts on that –  writing a book report as proof of reading the story.)  So – why not write my own reviews, my way?  

I haven’t done much of that so far.  Working on that.  It isn’t that I don’t read the books, but more like I get so involved in reading the books and going on to the next one, that I forget to write the review.  Then when I think about it, a myriad of other excuses arise and it doesn’t get done.  Working on that too. 

Anyway, today I want to tell you about a series of books that I have been enjoying.  It is by an author I found on a blog called One Handed Writers.  That is a really fun blog with several different writers sharing thoughts on any number of subjects from rants about banning books to promoting their latest release, and anything in between.  Well one day “thedeltonian” was the featured blogger of the day.  She went on this wonderful rant about inspiration or where ideas may come from.  She has a very twisted mind, which is disturbing because I actually followed her train of thought.  Anyway this twisted thought process led to the title, Sliding Into the Abyss by pen Echo Chambers.  This rant, on it’s own, inspired me to find this series of books and give them a try.  I mean, if she could entertain me with this rant about thought process, what could she do with an entire series of books?

Series Blurb: Echo Chambers presents: Sliding Into The Abyss. A BDSM Series for adult readers only. Contains graphic scenes.
It all started simply enough, an overheard exhibitionist fantasy, a witnessed tryst involving a light spanking and sex in front of an imaginary audience. Then came the offer they couldn’t refuse: repeat the scene in front of an actual audience and you can save your jobs – and the business of Fran and Lou Evans, their kind-hearted bosses. 
In order to prevent layoffs, Matt Tanner and Sue Braden, the clandestine lovers, find themselves throwing BDSM parties in the building’s lower floor – a former nightclub, now without a tenant – for the rental fees it brings to Fran and Lou. Soon they become familiar with a whole new vocabulary: sensation play, Dom and sub, exhibitionism, voyeurism, bondage and discipline, St Andrew’s Cross … and “penance” a penalty imposed by their new clientele upon each other, one that the members of that group will do almost anything to avoid.
But the secret gets out, and other employees enter into the mix. Alternately amused, baffled, and horrified at the situation, and desperate to keep Fran and Lou from discovering their shenanigans, they wander through a world not their own, and find that the magnetic pull of the taboo has them slowly Sliding Into The Abyss.

Hence, Sliding Into The Abyss: Episode 1 – To Spank or Not To Spank was located and read.  (Blurb: Faced with layoffs, employees Matt and Sue receive an offer from a savior — or could he be the Devil — named Mr Nathaniel Tielson. In exchange for putting on a show, he’ll provide business for the floundering firm. Desperate, they take the first step that starts them Sliding into the Abyss.) Yep!  Loved it.  Engaging story. Interesting characters that I would like to know and be friends with.  Nicely paced.  Left me wanting more.  Fortunately, I knew going in that this was a series. So, I was not surprised that there wasn’t a real end, but thankfully, there wasn’t a cliffhanger either.  There was enough here that I got the rest of the currently available series, Episode 2 – Turnabout, (Blurb: After the ‘success’ of their first show, Mr. Tielson requests a second, but not the same as the first. Matt and Sue pursue ideas which draw co-workers Hans and Angela closer to the slippery slope. They have high hopes for their show, but a mistake shows them that what they’re getting involved in has a darker side.) Episode 3 – St Andrew Regrets, (Blurb: This week, Lady Godiva and Sin — who perpetrated ill on Matt the previous Friday — will begin to pay their ‘penance’. And Sue’s angry. All that’s left is for Matt and Sue to work out a new act. Fortunately, someone owes them a favour. Meanwhile, Angela’s slide continues apace, as a chance she takes leads to an comparable thrill. And Kim is faced with a decision: should she put a kibosh on the downstairs activities once and for all?) and Episode 4 – Seek and Ye Shall Find (Blurb: Angela takes her new found hobby to the next level with Bethany; the hosts of the BDSM club get a new addition from the staff of the upstairs business, but will the Friday show prove too much for the newcomer?).  

These are Novella length (80 – 102 pages) stories.  Each spans about a week’s time and builds upon what has come before.  The same cast of characters appears in each, with introductions of new characters, as needed, as the story progresses.  The way this is written reminds me of the series of old, with a new chapter each week.  (Unfortunately, timetable for this appears to be a new chapter once a month.) Same cast, but a new adventure.  As titles indicate, these adventures tend to be of the sexual kind, kinky sexual kind, and get more dramatic and exciting with each chapter.  

I love how the author has written this!  She gives us an exciting adventure, but leaves us wanting to come back for more.  This is not for those who get bent out of shape because there is S.E.X. in the book.  Because there is not only S.E.X. in the book, there is KINKY S.E.X. in the book.  As the story progresses and we learn more about the characters, we are also learning more about the world of BDSM.  This author is educating the cast of characters, and maybe even the reader, with questions and answers throughout the story.  It is well done.  

I really think all my kinky, smutty friends will like this and should give it a read.  

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