Hurtful people

Question – Why do people think it is their right to trash other people?  If you don’t like something, turn it off!  Stop reading it!  Leave it alone!  Walk away!  But to berate someone else just because you do not agree . . .  Really, how sad can you be?  

I have many author friends.  They write in many different genres, but I will admit that there is a heavy presence of Erotica.  I like this genre.  It happens to be the only place I get any excitement in my life.  I enjoy it.  However, I will admit, occasionally, I will come across something I do not like and/or downright offends me.  Do I write a scathing review castigating this poor author for being a degenerate?  Of course not.  I quit reading the book, delete it from my files, and move on.  Done!  Over with!  

So why are my friends lamenting because some idiot has to publicly announce they think – whatever.  My opinion, these “bad reviews” is simply the reviewers way of dealing with a guilty conscience about reading such “smut” and probably enjoying it.  I mean really? How do they know the story is immoral if they didn’t read it?  How do they know that questionable acts happened if they didn’t read it? But, if they were so offended by this, why did they continue to read it?  And then further, to announce to the world that they did read it?

These authors are only sharing stories.  They don’t advocate that one goes out and does anything they write about.  In fact, most of them adamantly advise “don’t do this at home” type warnings.  Most authors in erotica post warnings about what is in their books and advise that if you are offended by this content, not to read it.  So why are you reading it in the first place?  

Do you want to know what offends me?  The blood and gore in a Steven King novel.  I no longer read Steven King.  I find the wars of Clive Cussler disturbing, so I do not read him.  Oh my.  These are HUGE, number one, best selling authors.  But tell me, are these guys sick because they make a living writing stories about blood, guts, war?  In my mind I wonder.  Such violence!  How can a sane person have that kind of stuff going on in their mind?  And how can sane people actually pay to read this stuff?  Makes me shutter. So why are the other genres any different when it comes to what people will and do read and write?  This is fiction folks!  Make believe! Read it or don’t!  But no one has died and made you the sensors of everyone’s mind.  

It is my contention that writing a bad review, or trashing an author or anyone on Facebook, Goodreads, or in any other of the various forums to be found on the internet today, only shows your stupidity and narrow mindedness!  

Yes!  On my personal blog I am trashing the ignorant and intolerant people who feel it is their right to trash others.  But no one reads my blog.  And if you do, (thank you) it is your choice.  Read it or don’t.  Comment or don’t.  Agree, or don’t.  But this is between you and me.  I am not trashing you all over the internet.  I am venting on MY blog.  

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