Not very babbly

I gave my blog this wonderful title, “Babbling Brook” and what do you know?  I find myself a blank page and can’t think of what to write.  Sometimes I will lay in bed at night and things will come to me, but by morning when I sign on to the computer they are gone.  And here I sit, tapping at my keyboard, wondering what to write now.  How very sad.  I know I have much to say.  Really I do.  But what do I really want to say?  That is the question.

I love to read.  Read all the time, when I can get away with it.  I just finished Taming Cross by Ella James.  It was okay.  Didn’t like it as well as Selling Scarlet, but I finished it and I am looking forward to the next book, Unmaking Marchant.  I thought that was an interesting title since this trilogy is about the friends – Lizzy, (aka Scarlet) Cross, and Suri.  Although, Marchant has been a presence in each of the books.  From the blurb, maybe it is because there is so much more to uncover about Marchant than Suri.  We already know a lot about Suri’s past and I just knew by the end of Taming Cross that Suri had to be getting together with Marchant.  I mean, the next book had be Suri’s HEA, and Marchant was just too prominent.  Had to happen.  

Anyway, why was Taming Cross just okay?  I wasn’t very fond of the way the POV kept switching.  It seemed to mess with the flow and/or the pacing.  It didn’t really work for me.  I found it a bit distracting.  I could see why it was done.  We did kind of need to know what was going on with both Cross and Merri.  But it just didn’t flow well.  The overall story was good.  The way the characters grew and learned to like themselves and deal with what live has dealt them was interesting.  But, I frankly had to talk myself into finishing this book.  It was by no means a page turner, in spite of the plot.  You would think that excusing a girl who has been sold to a Mexican cartel as a sex slave would be more very exciting.  But this just wasn’t.  It was like listening to a shell shocked victim telling their story in a dead monotone.  No emotion.  Just getting the story out.  I certainly hope that Unmaking Marchant is better story telling than this one was.  

Okay, that was the book of the day.  I am also participating in Kim Harrison’s read along of the Rachel Morgan Hollows series.  I have this series a couple of times already, but it is fascinating to read it with the author and get some of her insights into the characters.  It is really a lot of fun.  

What am I going to read next?  Haven’t decided.  I have only about a thousand books on my tbr (to be read) list, so there is a few to chose from.  I will never catch up!  

And I am feeling like I want to do some quilting.  I haven’t done any for a good long time, and I have several started.  Maybe some day I will finish one or two.  I know I have a couple of nieces who wishes I would.  They were supposed to be wedding presents.  *sigh*  Maybe for the twentieth anniversaries.  I am so bad about that.  I had hoped to continue in my grandmothers tradition of a quilt to commemorate weddings and births.  I managed births until a couple years ago.  I have fallen behind there too.  (Baby quilts are so much easier and faster than wedding quilts.)  So I really need to act on this feeling and work on some quilts!  It would be more productive than making another pair of socks.  Everyone already has socks!  

So I will leave you with that.  I am off to dig in my quilting stash to see what I can find to play with.  

Y’all have a wonderful!  Until next time . . . 

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