Welcome to the Babbling Brook

My mind wonders all over the place, when it isn’t shut down.  I imagine everyone’s does.  This morning I woke up with this story partially formed in my feeble mind and wondered where it came from.  I have never been a writer.  I love to read and follow many published writers.  But to write myself?  That is a very scary thought.

This is not the first time that I woke up with ideas floating in my head.  But, this morning was the most complete group of ideas I have had yet.  It even sounded like something I might like to read.  Quirky and fun with more twists and turns than a mountain road.  Now how weird is that for someone who doesn’t write?

This is something I haven’t consciously dreamed about.  I mean, what do I know about writing?  Just what I have read.  But wait!  Some of what I have read lately has been really BAD!  The most recent example was a story with a basic subject that I usually enjoy, but this one I could barely bring myself to more than scan, it was that boring.    Let’s hope I can do better than that!

Then there are the works that are so badly edited that one wonders why the author does not use spell check, have any other editing tools available before publishing, or if they even bother to proofread what they have written.  I know I can to better than that.

Either way, I have come to the conclusion that writing a blog may be a good first step, not to mention practice, in the art of writing.  As the title of this blog indicates, you are likely to find most any topic discussed here.  From what I dreamed last night, (this morning) to a review of the book I recently read.  Did I mention I read A LOT?

So, please, enjoy the trip.  Who knows where we might end up!

About Pansy Petal

I read - a lot! What about you?

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